Who am I?

So, who am I to be posting randomly on the internet?

I’m nothing special, no significant job or family background. I don’t live in a fancy house or drive a top of the range car.

I don’t think I’m particularly interesting or unique. Not anything that would make someone want to talk to me at parties, although I’m not much of a party person.

So what do I do? Why do I want to write something here? Something public?

I like to write. That’s a good start I guess!

I’ve been blessed (or cursed!) with having a great deal of time to spare and the physical inability to make much use of it. There’s a lot of mindless chatter in my head that might as well be out there.

Blogging is strangely intimate. Blogs I read feel like someone is describing themselves, their day, their lives, their problems, pains and victories directly to you. I hope to celebrate lots of the latter.

I’m getting married in the next couple of years and want to chronicle this!

And if all goes to plan, me and my better half will buy our first home. Another wonderful thing worth sharing!

There’s bound to be ups and downs, but I’d love to have a few companions along for the ride. Who’ll join me?