I’m back at work!

After so many months off sick, I’m back at work!

It feels so good, even on reduced hours and a very restricted working schedule.

To have a purpose, to have something to get up for in the morning, to feel like I might make a small, tiny difference somewhere in the world by the work I do!

I have to take things really gently. My body is a ticking timebomb, with joints ready to implode/explode/disintegrate at little or no notice. So 30 minutes working, 45 minute resting for now. A ridiculous working pattern, but I’m going to build it up slowly and hopefully I’ll get to a stage where it’s comfortable/tolerable to sit for longer periods.

Work can often seem dreary, especially on Monday mornings! But when it’s taken away from you, snatched away when you’re halfway through a project, when you’re gearing your efforts towards a promotion, when you really feel as if the work you do has purpose and does some good in the world, not having that passion to get you through the day can feel almost like a bereavement.

But I do feel somewhat blessed by the time I’ve had to heal and recuperate. I’ve had time to explore new ways of finding joy – pottering in the garden, reading new books, and starting this blog! I’m immensely grateful for my employer’s safety net that has provided this security.

Now on to constant recovery and taking good care of my health everyday!