Engagement is a funny thing

Just over 2 months ago, on a beautiful crisp winter day in the Cotswolds my lovely, gorgeous partner became my lovely, gorgeous fiancé.

I can’t say it was a massive surprise because we’d both been semi-joking about it for some time. Add to that a stunning weekend away near to Stratford-upon-Avon and well, it was settled. We are officially due to marry, afionced, engaged.

After the excited ring around of various friends and family, it suddenly dawned on me that I was not a typical woman. I’d not been thinking about my “perfect” wedding for years and years.

My mind is a wedding void.

A void without a clue about the scary world of dresses and buttonholes and bouquets and table planning.

My mind has become a lot more crowded since that day in the Cotswolds. Not necessarily with any more answers or solutions.

I feel more confused by wedding magazines and wedding Pinterest boards than ever.

Is it okay to just think about eloping?

I had a dream that I was late for my wedding and had to marry in jeans and no make up. We’ve not even set a date and I’m having wedding anxiety dreams!!

So, I’m going to use this space as a bit of a safe thinking area, where ideas might flourish and grow. And hopefully I won’t be married in jeans and woefully overgrown eyebrows.

Anyone else had or having wedding anxiety? Let me know so we can get through it!