Gardening with fatigue, fainting and non-green thumbs

If you were to ask anyone who knows me, they would put gardening a long way down my list of enjoyment activities. Probably a long way below music, or reading, or video games.

This year, I’ve resolved to try and do something a bit different, move out of my indoor comfort zone and venture into the outdoors. Gardening has never come easily to me, or my family. We’re the type of family that have had the uncanny ability to kill a houseplant with a glance and become overwhelmed by garden weeds in seconds.

Added to my genetic inability to grow plants, I also can’t:

a) stand up very long

b) hold objects very well

c) carry anything particularly heavy

d) do any of these things when it’s over 15 degrees Celsius

So you could say I’m at a disadvantage.

Not letting this dissuade me, I’ve been chipping away at the masses of winter weeds that had overgrown the garden. In my mind to keep me going, a blissful image of me relaxing with a cup of tea, light sunshine and a gentle breeze.

I’ve done a few things to help keep me stable while puttering around the garden:

1. Pace myself. Even if I feel like I could go on a bit longer, I know taking that bit of rest can only be beneficial for me. The garden isn’t going anywhere.

2. Plan goals to keep motivated. I’ve staggered out deliveries of flowers so I can pace as above, but can also plan small areas at a time. Currently it’s sunny areas. Next delivery is partially shaded areas. It also helps to see things come together, and gives a little sense of achievement gradually.

3. Get family/friends on board. For the big jobs, I needed to get family on board to help. The lawn has been particularly bad – weed ridden and grass bare. My stepdaughter helped weed, and my partner mowed. This helped save some energy!

4. Have the right tools. I’m still not there with this! Having realised I didn’t have a garden fork during the lawn process, I realise how important the right tool is. I’m using Wolf Garten interchangeable tools, with an ergonomic add-on handle set. The weed puller is a dream! And no bending!

Enough of that – here are some before and after pictures



Obviously still lots to do, but I’ve got all the time in the world. Seeing things come together is so satisfying after the chaos that it was before.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’m hoping there may be a couple of bits in some presents that might be gardening related! Maybe I have caught the green bug after all!