An MRI on a Sunday? What next?!

Now, I love the NHS. I think it is a brilliant idea, a tremendous machine of people and processes run on a shoestring budget that manages to outperform our wildest expectations on many occasions.

On others, it can be a frustrating faceless organisation with tedious waiting times when you just want to find out what’s wrong and get on with your life. I’ve had my fair share of those times!

This was not one of those times!

In my last blog Rheumatology Ruminations, I mentioned that I’d had an X Ray and blood tests in record time following a rheumatology appointment.

The NHS surprised me again, with a phone call yesterday afternoon offering me an appointment for my MRI today (Sunday).

I jumped at the chance (as far as I can move with any momentum nowadays!).

The catch? It was at 8am. With the bus ride taking about half an hour, I was looking at needing to be up and about from 6.30ish at the very latest.

But to be honest, I’d sacrifice any weekend lie in to make things move a little quicker and pin down the problems!

Despite me being a bit of a claustrophobic person, I managed quite well in the tube, lasting 50 minutes without needing a break apart from readjusting my position for a change of scan.

And my fiancĂ© treated me to McDonald’s breakfast after! Not bad!

The rest of the day was a bit of a wipeout spent curled up with my long hot water bottle. Caught up on Game of Thrones ready for the new season! Can’t wait, but so sad that we’ll never have the ups and downs to watch on tenterhooks after this year.

What are your wipeout day fallback plans? Be great to hear what you get up to when going out or getting up isn’t an option.