In a bind with bindweed

My mortal enemy has surfaced again – bindweed.

Every year that twisty-turny, creepy-crawly plant sprouts out of hibernation and causes havoc.

It’s exhausted me!

I have to be honest. Looking out on the garden over the past few weeks I’ve thought “what’s the point, it’s never going to look nice. I’m never going to be able to manage it.”

It’s been a bit of a dark few weeks.

But today, I donned the gardening gloves and made a start. The patio weeds have been banished and I’ve got all the pots placed in the right place.

I can sit in the warm sunshine, hear the birds and buzzing bees, feel that gently rustling breeze, smell the thriving lavender and feel a small sense of calm overtake me.

The bindweed is still there. Just over the fence.

It will get tackled slowly but surely, and I only need to persevere little by little. But for today, I need calm and quiet and to appreciate why the work is worth it.

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