Gardening weather!

Mud, soil, plants and potting have never really been my ‘thing.’ Hell, it’s enough to get myself up and about at some point in the day than contemplate being able to keep a green creature alive.

But we’ve got a fairly neglected garden that has the potential to be a little wonderful haven if only a few tweaks were made.

So this spring, I’m determined to try and do a little bit now and then to make the garden a little more sunshine friendly. I want to make a space where I can tend and make something grow, as well as somewhere that’s comfortable and safe to relax and recharge in.

The lovely people over at Gardening for the Disabled Trust have helped immensely with my desire to add a bit of calm and kindly given me a little pot of money to get me going with some plants and tools.

So far I’ve planted some garlic, peas and raspberries – all good kitchen goodies!

For a chunk of colour and fragrance, I’m about to plant some rose bushes.

There’s still a bit of planning to do, and an incredible amount of weeding. But over time I’ve learned that I must take things slowly, steadily and in a measured fashion. Otherwise it’ll probably just crumble and I’ll get frustrated at myself.

Long way to go! Small steps 🙂

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